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Our Favorite Artists

Discover the essence of Colorado's vibrant art scene with Gold's handpicked recommendations for local artists.


Whether you're seeking to commission a bespoke piece or add a touch of Colorado flair to your space, we connect you with talented creators whose work captures the spirit of our beautiful state. From stunning landscapes to captivating abstracts, bring a piece of Colorado home with you and support our thriving artistic community. Also, if you have no space in your luggage, no worries! You can buy directly from these website or contact the artist. 

Beautiful art from local artist Hannah Jensen

Hannah Jensen Creative

Colorado-born artist based in Golden, CO. I paint landscapes that illuminate the Divine ties between the natural world we explore & the people who go with us

Amazing art from local artist Lilly McAlpin

Lily McAlpin

Lily McAlpin is a contemporary landscape artist based out of Boulder, Colorado. Although a self-taught artist, Lily has been creating since she can remember, experimenting with film photography, printmaking, digital art, ceramics, and now mainly focused on landscape painting.

Incredible artwork from local artist V Dub

V Dub Art

Robin's passion for the outdoors and conservation, as well as her deep love for animals, informs her art. She looks forward to connecting with the natural world through adventure, and sharing this with you all through my painting.

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